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Health and Safety Basic Awareness
The course looks at the responsibilities imposed by the Legal Framework relating to the Health and Safety at Work act 1974 and other relevant legislations. To have a basic Health and Safety Awareness in the work place, identify what is a hazard and how to control the risks while at work, know the health and safety control measures, and recognise the accident reporting process in the workplace.
Care Planning Basic Awareness
An understanding of Care Standards relating to Care Planning, to have knowledge of the relevant Legislations and Care Planning process. Understanding confidentiality and keys to good practice.
Fire Awareness
This course is suitable for those who are responsible for overseeing fire safety, designated fire marshals and anyone who needs to know how to use a fire extinguisher. Understanding fire regulations, general fire precautions, liaison with the fire service, action on discovering a fire, common causes, fire drills, evacuation and how to safely use fire extinguishers.
Moving and Handling
To ensure that staff who have to move and handle people with mobility problems in the course of their work have the necessary training and skills to be able to do so in a safe and effective manner to reduce the risk of injury to themselves and others.
Infection Control
To have a better understanding of cross contamination, ways of avoiding infection including good handwashing, wearing protective clothing, using and disposing of sharps and waste products safely, and educating patients and their carers about infection.
Food Safety
This course is designed for those who are, or intend to be, food handlers. A food handler is any person, in any type of food business, who handles food whether open or packaged (food includes drinks and ice). This training may also be appropriate for people whose work requires them to enter food premises, e.g. equipment maintenance engineers, off-site business owners/managers and delivery personnel. The aim of this training is to provide a basic knowledge of food hygiene, giving knowledge and understanding of the importance of food hygiene, associated food hazards, good hygiene practice and controls based upon an awareness of food safety management systems. This is important to understanding and maintaining good practice in the handling, processing and preparation of safe food.
Personal Care
This personal care course enables candidates to explore an understanding of how to deliver quality personal care, follow policies and procedures, develop confidence in recording and observation skills, and principles of care planning. The course is relevant to people who provide personal care to clients in all care settings.
Safe Handling of Medication
This medication training course is aimed at staff working in the care environment. It is in line with the National Minimum Standards Requirements and recent CQC guidelines. The learner will have an understanding of the legislation involved with drug administration, along with being able to follow procedures set for safe administration. The learner will also have an understanding of the importance of confidentiality and security in all procedures of drug administration. Attendees of this safe administration of medication training courses will gain under-pinning knowledge of the above issues and therefore will be able to put this into practice where necessary.
SOVA L1 (Adult Protection)
For staff in all areas of Health and Social Care. Covering how to raise awareness in relation to safeguarding and abuse, how to look for signs, symptoms and factors of abuse, and how and where to alert people of suspected abuse.
To be familiar with the Health and Safety aspects of the control of substances hazardous to health, the importance of the control of substances hazardous to health in the work place, and to know what legislations are relevant to Health and Safety.
Induction to care standards
The role of the Care Worker is to have an understanding of the Induction Standards specific to their job roles and responsibilities in the workplace.
CV Writing
This training will provide delegates with the information and guidance necessary to write a CV that makes an effective first impression and will significantly improve their chances of getting an interview. This training is suitable for anyone who is looking for employment and wants to understand how to write an effective CV that will greatly enhance their prospects of being selected for interview.