Health and Social Care courses are nationally recognized qualifications based on the Health and Social Care National Occupation Standards approved by Skills for Care and Development.

The award will confirm knowledge, skills and competence for individuals working with adults and children across all social care settings such as within residential settings, primary care environments, domiciliary services, day services and supported living.

The qualification covers different areas of Health and Social Care such as supporting those with disabilities, learning disabilities or dementia, individuals working with children and young people, infection control and supported living. Learners have the opportunities to take a general qualification in Health and Social Care or they may follow a specialist pathway in areas such as Dementia or Learning Disabilities.

We offer the following qualifications:

    • Level 2 Apprenticeship
    • Level 3 Apprenticeship
    • Level 2 Diploma
    • Level 3 Diploma
    • Level 4 Diploma  New for 2015
    • Level 5 Diploma


Please contact us to discuss the most suitable course for you and any funding that may be available.