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Facilities Management courses are nationally recognised qualifications based on the Facilities Management National Occupation Standards approved by Asset Skills.

Facilities management is a fast-growing, multi-disciplinary profession that’s vital to the success of any organisation. Cleaning is a part of this function, which more broadly encompasses all aspects of managing premises, services and resources for commercial or institutional buildings.

Facilities managers are responsible for the systems and people that make a building operate effectively, efficiently and safely. Activities include anything from managing the maintenance of the heating or air conditioning systems to managing the catering, cleaning, reception and the security of a building.

National Apprenticeship Service

This qualification is designed for facilities management coordinators and contract managers in the facilities management environment. It involves supporting a range of operations including building maintenance, service delivery and site security. The key aspects of any facilities services role include monitoring facilities, developing relationships with colleagues and customers and ensuring healthy and safety is maintained at all times.

We offer the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Apprenticeship
  • Level 3 Apprenticeship
  • Level 2 Diploma
  • Level 3 Diploma
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