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Cleaning and Support Services courses are nationally recognised qualifications based on the Cleaning National Occupation Standards approved by Asset Skills.

Cleaning and Environmental Service professionals make a difference to all our lives, although the work often goes ‘unseen’. Cleaners ensure that the places we work in and the public places we use are attractive, safe and hygienic. In hospitals cleaning staff are at the forefront of controlling the spread of infection, and in many walks of life cleaners ensure a hazard free environment by ensuring it is safe and clean for the general public.

The qualification covers different areas of Cleaning and Support Services such as Caretakers, Industrial Cleaners, Window Cleaners, Office Cleaners and Street Cleaners. Learners have the opportunities to take choose from a variety of optional units which enables the training to be tailored to their job role.

We offer the following qualifications:

  • Level 2 Apprenticeship – Cleaning and Environmental Support Services
  • Level 3 Apprenticeship – Cleaning and Environmental Support Services
  • Level 2 Diploma
  • Level 3 Diploma
Please contact us to discuss the most suitable course for you and any funding that may be available.